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Our Bussiness Scope:
Service For Navigation &
  Communication system
Automation and electrical Repair
Supply & Install ECDIS
Service for VDR & S-VDR
Supervision of Ship’s dock repair
Supervision for ship’s building
Spare supply


The interface converts synchro transmission to NMEA 0183 or IEC 61162 data.
Applications include

  • Gyro compass for radar, ECDIS and heading displays.
  • Rudder Sensor Angle used with a VDR.
  • Telegraph, pitch, rudder demand;
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Log speed

It cans series with other interfaces or as input for VDR.

  • POWER: 9~30VDC;
  • INPUT:   1:1 synchro or 36:1. (Other ratios to order.) 3 to 115v 50-500 Hz.
  • INPUT:  Accepts all NMEA heading sentences as back up.

4) OUTPUT: 4800 baud NMEA 0183 format;
5) INPUT: NMEA 0183 port. (4800 baud).
6) OUTPUT: 3x 5v CMOS Logic level lines. 5mA via 47 ohms.
Default stepper 6 steps per degree.
7) Select 1:1、36:1、90:1、360:1 Gyro signal by changing the jumper
8) IEC61162 standard sentence;
9) RS422, RS232 compatible;


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